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    International Market Development Group, Inc. has helped establish new companies in 39 countries and sold in 105 on behalf
    of its clients. IMD Group operates as an extension of it's client's businesses by operating as a turn-key international division,   
    to set up their businesses worldwide.  When projects begin to reach their profitability targets, IMD begins to fade out and
    the client's personnel are trained to carry on. When direct management is turned over to the client, IMD remains available as a
    consultant.  James P. Antonic, founder, has guided IMD's efforts in many multi-national and domestic ventures including
    Start-Up businesses, Development and Growth Projects, and Technology Advancements. IMD has two core businesses:
    one searches, sources, negotiates, and acquires new technologies for clients; the second professionally sets up foreign market
    penetrations under the client's name. IMD creates global strategies that compete profitably and helps clients integrate their new 
    international positions with their domestic resources, core competencies, and leadership teams.
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